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Pin Badges.

Keyfactors are trade suppliers of metal lapel pin badges, stocking 34 size / shape / colour varieties in 3 finishes.
All pin Badges have either a 'butterfly' clutch or pin clasp fitting on the reverse. There are 3 alternative ways to order pin badges -

- Badge blanks only. For customers who print and dome their own inserts. All badge blanks have a recess to accomodate a
  polyurethane domed printed insert. Sizes stocked range from 12mm diameter to 33mm square.

- Badge blanks with clear domes. For customers who print their own inserts. A clear polyurethane dome to fit the recess is
  supplied with each badge. Clear domes have an adhesive backing and are applied directly to the surface of a pre-printed decal.

- Badge blanks with printed domed inserts. We supply the badge backs and adhesived, printed polyurethane domed inserts as
  seperate components, the customer assembles the badges. An artwork for printing the badge inserts to be supplied when ordering.
  An extra option to order fully assembled ready to wear badges is available.
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