We can print custom design self-adhesive domed badges and labels in any shape or size* required,

simply send us your artwork or advise text layout.


Domed badges are topped with liquid polyurethane which hardens to a crystal clear, flexible dome.

Polyurethane domed labels have excellent durability properties. They are waterproof, UV resistant,

non-scratch, non-yellowing and as such are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


Domed badges have a pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive backing that forms a permanent bond

when applied to a surface.

To order online - The price of domed badges is determined by the area size of the badge and the quantity ordered.
The first thing you need is the size of the badge in square millimetres. For rectangle shaped labels and signs this is
simply the width multiplied by the height  e.g 75mm wide x 25mm high = 1,875 square millimetres.
For custom shaped and oval shaped badges, multiply the longest point in width by the longest point in height.
For round shapes, the area size is pi multiplied by the radius squared.
The useful online tool here may help you with your calculations.

Once you know the area size of your domed label, click the relevant size band from the options below for
more information on prices, lead times, artwork requirements etc.

The minimum order quantity for domed labels is 25 per design.

Please note you need to know the area size of your badge in square millimetres before choosing a price band.
For domed labels with an area size over 8000 square mm's please contact us for a quote.

*Minimum size for domed labels is 9mm diameter or 10mm in width. Maximum size we recommend is approx. 200mm x 150mm (6"x5"),
although longer, thinner domed sizes are possible, such as 350mm x 70mm.

Intricate shapes such as donuts or stars may incur extra doming costs, please contact us for a quote.

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