Custom Made Clear Domes

Keyfactors clear domes are made from premium grade gloss clear vinyl with super strength adhesive
backing, and topped with liquid polyurethane resin which hardens to a crystal clear dome.

Manufactured in the UK.

Polyurethane clear domes have excellent durability properties. They are waterproof, UV resistant,
non-scratch, non-yellowing and as such are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Polyurethane clear domes are flexible, which aids application, and are supplied on sheets - simply peel
off and apply. For information and tips regarding the application of clear domes please click here.

Minimum size is 9mm diameter, or 10mm width or length.
Max. size is 70mm diameter, or 60mm width or length.

The price of clear domes is determined by the area size of the badge and the quantity ordered.
The first thing you need is the size of the dome in square millimetres. For rectangle shapes this is
simply the width multiplied by the height  e.g 75mm wide x 25mm high = 1,875 square millimetres.

For custom shaped and oval shaped badges, multiply the longest point in width by the longest point
in height. For round shapes, the area size is pi multiplied by the radius squared.
This useful online tool may help with calculations.

Once you know the area size of your domed label, click the relevant size band from the options below.

Minimum order per size of clear dome is 50.

Please note you need to know the area size of your badge in square millimetres before choosing a price band.
The maximum size for clear domes is 70mm diameter, or 60mm width or length.

Minimum size is 9mm diameter, or 10mm width or length.

Intricate shapes such as donuts or stars may incur extra doming costs, please contact us for a quote.

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