Doming Guns and Cartridges.

Automotive grade flexible polyurethane doming resin for indoor and outdoor applications.
Mixer attachment included with each cartridge.

Sold in packs of 3 x 50gms cartridge. You can dome approx. 50-60 25mm dia. labels per 50gm cartridge.
Instructions for use of doming cartridges.

Have a small waste container ready. Fit the cartridge onto the dispenser holding the cartridge upright, remove the cap and fit the mixer tip.

Pointing the tip up at a 45 degree angle, with the smaller side of the cartridge below the larger size, squeeze the trigger slowly to see air
bubbles rising up from the cartridge and through the mixer tip.

As the mixed resin reaches the top of the mixer tip, tilt the tip down to a suitable waste container and dispense about 25mm into the waste. This small wastage is necessary to ensure the pistons are balanced and the mixed is accurate.

Now begin your doming. Cover about two thirds of the area to be domed and allow the resin to flow to the edges.
Avoid any prolonged pauses otherwise you may need to fit a new mixer tip. Preferably use the complete cartridge at each doming session.
If you do wish to retain a part used cartridge, you must clean each outlet of the cartridge and each outlet plug of the cartridge cap thoroughly and separately, avoiding any cross contamination. Mixer tips must be disposed of after one use, they cannot be re-used.

Your domed items must be left perfectly flat for 24 hours to cure, and throughout that time the following conditions must be maintained:
TEMP - room temperature 16-20 degrees centigrade.  HUMIDITY -  as low as possible, preferably below 50%.

Curing domes must be kept covered to avoid dust.


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