Clear Domes Standard Sizes

Clear domes are made from premium grade gloss clear vinyl with super strength adhesive backing,
and topped with liquid polyurethane resin which hardens to a crystal clear dome. Manufactured in the UK.

Adding a clear resin dome to a print instantly adds a touch of quality, making the image more attractive
and eye-catching. The dome will also protect the printed image, adding resilience and permanence.

Polyurethane domes are flexible, which aids application, and are scratchproof and non-yellowing.
Clear domes are self-adhesive and are supplied on sheets, simply peel off and apply to the top of your printed decal

Listed below are the clear polyurethane dome sizes we hold in stock. Minimum order quantity for stock sizes is 10.


The standard size for centres for trophies & medals in the UK and Europe market is 25mm diameter.

Prices are quantity dependant, please click on a size for full price band information.


* Please note - KEYFACTORS clear domes are made with polyurethane resin. They are a superior product to

'epoxy domes' which are made with epoxy resin and tend to be cheaper but are prone to yellowing, curling and

long term deterioration. 

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