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Text Line 1:

Text Line 2 (if required):

Text Line 3 (if required):

Text Colour:

Background Colour:

Badge Pin Type:

Gold Clutch Pin

Silver Clutch Pin

Gold Pin Clasp

Silver Pin Clasp


Custom made round badges with up to three lines of text.


These are premium quality metal lapel pin badges with a gold or silver

colour finish base and a choice of pin clasp or clutch pin fitting


Badges with your own text are £2.00 each (£2.40 inc. vat).

Order 10 or more bar badges with the exact


and you qualify for discount quantity prices -

10+   badges £1.80 each ex.vat & delivery

25+   badges £1.60 each ex.vat & delivery

50+   badges £1.40 each ex.vat & delivery

100+ badges £1.30 each ex.vat & delivery

500+ badges £1.20 each ex.vat & delivery


Specs:  insert size - 25mm     Overall size 27mm.


Printed part of the badge is a replica enamel style poly-dome,

formed from a printed vinyl base covered by clear polyurethane resin.

This creates a high quality and durable dome to protect your badge.


Minimum order: There is no minimum order, you can order just one badge.

Please be aware there is a minimum post & packing charge per order.


Watch your spelling!: Type the exact text you want in the tabs provided.

Please take care as we will reproduce this text EXACTLY AS TYPED.

Remember to use the correct upper or lower case and any punctuation.


Delivery: Please allow 7 days delivery for custom made badges.


Colour Selection Advice:

Try to choose contrasting colours for your text and background,

otherwise your badges may not be easy to read at any but a very

short distance. We recommend -

Silver text - all background colours are ok except silver, gold and white.

Gold text  - all background colours are ok except silver, gold and deep yellow.

White text - all background colours are ok except white, bright yellow.

Black text - use on lighter colour backgrounds only. Does not work well

on black, navy, deep red, deep violet, dark green, dark brown, purple.

For gold and silver backgrounds, black text colour is the best choice.

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