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Clear domes information.
Adding a clear resin dome to a print instantly adds a touch of quality,
making the image more attractive and eye-catching. The dome will
also protect the printed image, adding resilience and permanence.
Clear domes are made from a clear
gloss vinyl base topped with crystal
clear liquid polyurethane resin.
Our clear domes are flexible, with
a self-adhesive backing (permanent
clear solvent-based acrylic).
Clear domes are non-scratch,
non-yellowing, UV-resistant
and waterproof.
Manufactured in the UK.
Clear domes are a useful alternative for one-offs and immediate
fulfillment of orders for pin badges, trophies, keyrings, and any
other product requiring personalisation or a quality long-term
identification label.
Clear domes make short runs and one-offs practical and cost
effective. However, for larger print run quantities (over 25) we recommend using KEYFACTORS to supply printed and domed badges/labels.
Please note - KEYFACTORS clear domes are made with
polyurethane resin. They are a superior product to 'epoxy
domes' which are made with epoxy resin and tend to be
cheaper but are prone to yellowing, curling and long term

Printing your own centres.
You can use your own computer and printer to produce images,
using image-editing software. Our personal choice is Coreldraw
but there are lots of alternatives, including many free ones.
Any software with basics such as adding text to an image will
do for producing simple prints.
Their are many ways to print and cut out your images.
Most convenient are vinyl print-cut machines marketed by
specialist Companies such as Gerber, Mutoh or Roland.
Simply apply our clear domes to the cut out images produced.
Alternatively, use a conventional printer and print on adhesive
backed glossy photo paper. Then apply the clear dome to the
print and cut out using a handheld cutter.
We stock A4 photo paper with adhesive backing for printing,
and a range of hand held cutter sizes.
An even simpler solution is to use scissors - apply the clear
dome to the paper and cut around it.

Due to print registration and 'lining up' problems, we do not
sell A4 sheets of pre-cut adhesive labels or recommend any
'print and dome' system based on their use.

oval clear domes
To avoid air being trapped between the two surfaces, the
clear dome should be 'rolled on' from one edge of the print
to the other. Apply downward pressure at the same time so
the adhesion layer makes contact evenly with the print layer.
We can supply polyurethane clear domes in almost any shape
or size required and we keep all the most popular sizes in stock
for immediate despatch.
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